Friday, July 26, 2013

You Couldn’t See the Lettuce for the Lardons

We have so many chain “restaurants” in America that sometimes it is difficult to get the true flavor of the region you are traveling in.  Everywhere you go, there is (of course) a MacDonalds, a Denny’s, a Shari’s.  We try to avoid those at all costs.  When we travel to other countries, we also tend to avoid the big, expensive, well-known restaurants in favor of the family-run smaller places.   We had read that in Lyon, they were known for just such places – known as “bouchons”.  We found several close to the place we were staying in the Croix Rousse neighborhood and could hardly wait to pop in, have a seat and order.  Everything on the menu looked good, but we thought we might be reasonable and split a salad before each ordering our main course.  Being in Lyon, we thought “let’s eat something from this region - why not order a Salade Lyonnaise”?   We could then have plenty of room to consume the tete de veau and the pork special that were coming up later.   We were wrong.   What we had not bothered to read about these bouchons was that they served portions for the laborers.  Huge portions.   
This was our “starter salad”.  It was immense!   

We estimated it had at least half a pound of bacon lardons on it – almost too much even for my pork-loving Aussie husband.  We gamely finished it (as we didn’t want to insult this lovely dining establishment) and were then confronted by these plates.   

We could barely haul ourselves out of our chairs at the end and waddle back to our apartment.

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