Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Where Flying is Still FUN

I grew up flying, as my father worked for an airline and we could fly on passes just about anywhere.  Even though we had to fly standby, we often got seats in First Class as there was no such thing as frequent flyer miles and people actually had to pay for their seats, so there were sometimes vacancies in the front of the plane.  I’m sure you’ve heard about eating with real silverware off of real dishes and drinking out of glasses instead of plastic cups?  I tell you, it was all true.  We could even show up at the airport less than an hour before departure and still have time to lounge around at the gate.   
I miss those days of carefree travel!   There is however still one place you can take a trip without hours of prep and hassle.  I found this out when my Aussie husband arranged for a getaway to Victoria, British Colombia for our anniversary  - via floatplane.   
We showed up at the building that passes for a terminal on Lake Union well in advance of our departure time – this was an International flight, after all – and wound-up wondering what to do for 45 minutes after we had checked in and cleared “security”.  Everything was quick and easy; the only tiny downside was that not only did they weigh our luggage, they also weighed US so they would know exactly how much weight would be on the plane.  The best part of it all?  If they only have one pilot scheduled for the flight, you can sit in the copilot spot.  In the cockpit.  Awesome!

My Aussie husband in the copilot seat

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