Thursday, July 4, 2013

Independence Day

Today is the Fourth of July, which in America means it’s the day we all light fireworks and eat something grilled.  Seattle has a big fireworks show every year, set off from a barge in Lake Union which is close to our house.  As that lake is connected to several other bodies of water via canals, boaters come from all over and cram into the waters surrounding the barge, which makes quite a spectacle on its own.  At the end of the show they all toot their boat horns – it sounds like applause.  And as you all know how much I love fireworks, you know where I will be tonight!

That does not happen until dark though, so the rest of the day is spent eating and drinking in anticipation.  If you have a yard and can grill outdoors, you are practically obligated to have a party.  We only have a small yard and no grill, so we go to our friends’ houses.  They will usually have purchased about half of a cow to grill, along with hotdogs for the kids.  Our decisions on where to go will sometimes factor in who can man the grill without getting distracted too much, so that our steak is not overcooked and we can tell the difference between it and shoe leather.  We will bring some suitable beverages and a tasty side dish and have a lovely day with our friends.   

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