Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Foodie Bucket List

So I have mentioned that we have crossed off an item on our own personal "Bucket List" on our last trip - percebes. We also managed to cross off a couple more items that we didn't even know we had on our list until we experienced them, like sushi fresh from the Tsukiji Fish Market just steps away, or the piure we had in Santiago. Sort-of a cross between a barnacle and a sea urchin, it was something we had never heard of.

We also have a wine bucket list, and are determined to taste the great wines at their point of origin.  This especially holds true for fortified wines. So far we have been to Jerez in Spain to learn about Sherry, Porto to drink Port, and our favorite, the Portuguese island of Madeira to taste all the different varieties of their delightful wine. Still on the list is Marsala... There are the incredible wine regions in France, Germany, and Italy, not to mention the "new world" wines. We also are open to seeking out  other types of beverages, as when we were able to attend a Cidre dinner just outside of San Sebastian, where you take your glass into the barrel room and catch the stream of cider straight out of the massive barrels. It was a lot of fun!