Friday, December 27, 2013

Just Desserts

I am not much of a dessert person.  By that I mean I am not very good at making them; making desserts usually involves being precise and having patience, neither of which usually applies to me.  I am however VERY good at eating desserts, so eventually I will attempt one.   For Christmas this year, I thought I might try a flourless chocolate cake because my Aussie husband was craving chocolate.  I looked all over the internet at all the different recipes, most of which looked fairly complicated and seemed to have mixed results according to their reviews.  And then, I found this recipe, from the gluten free goddess.

This is how it was described:  “Dense, sexy chocolate deliciousness on a plate. This is such an easy recipe, especially if you use a food processor to do the work.”   It was love at first sight!   And at first bite, as it exactly fit that description.  I was planning on taking a picture of the finished product, but my Aussie husband couldn’t wait and cut in to it.  I made it without much fuss, and it turned out beautifully.  I now have a go-to dessert recipe - one my guests will be eating for years to come.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Oh Tannenbaum!

I was very excited to be able to put up a Christmas tree this year, and cover it with all the ornaments we have collected from our travels.  The beaded, stuffed Eiffel Tower… the wooden Pinocchio… the surfboarding Santa…  they all bring back such lovely memories.  Our latest edition was a house-warming gift, and it is my new favorite.    

It is a Santa suit and hat, but no head.   Headless Santa - I love it! 
May your Christmas bring back happy memories, and create new ones.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Kitchen Arranging

We have just moved, and I am now faced with the dilemma of where to put everything.  Not that there isn’t room in the cupboards – on the contrary, there is probably more space here than in our old kitchen.  No, my dilemma has to do with how to arrange everything so it makes sense and I won’t spend the next 3 months trying to remember where on earth I tucked that particular item when I really need it.  The worst part is there is no obvious place for glassware, especially not for the copious number of wine glasses we seem to have gathered.  I think we could invite the entire neighborhood over for wine and have a glass for everyone.  Because of course, we need to have different glasses for the different types of wine, being wine glass snobs.  I have already tried 2 different cupboards, but it is just not working for me. So now I am going to fill up one of those homeless wine glasses and sit down to ponder some more.