Saturday, July 20, 2013

How Strange - All My Travel Pictures Are of Food…

As I was looking through my pictures from our last trip, I noticed something odd.  They all seem to be of food.   I thought, “well of course – we were in France and food was a big part of the reason for going to that country”.  And then I looked back through the pictures from our previous trips and noticed a trend developing.   Portugal – food.  Australia – food.  Japan – food.  Even Hawaii – food.  Now all of these places are beautiful and have magnificent scenery, along with amazing architecture - especially in Portugal and Japan.  And Aus has people I have traveled there to see and whom I like a lot.  But my pictures?  Food.  Apparently that is how I want to remember my travels - by what I ate.

Crawfish for dinner in New Orleans
Lunch in Da Nang

Dessert in Barcelona

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  1. These are such nummy pictures...making me want to take a trip! :)