Thursday, May 9, 2013

We Love Lufthansa Efficiency

Talking about our big trip to Frankfurt, my Aussie husband reminded me of our flight from Rome to Frankfurt on Lufthansa Airlines.  Departing from da Vinci airport in Fiumicino outside of Rome was not as efficient as I’m sure the Lufthansa gate staff would have liked; consequently we were running about 35 minutes late.   After we reached cruising altitude, the captain came on to make what we assumed would be the standard announcements.  But no – his announcement was about being late.  As arriving late into Frankfurt was apparently not an option, he stated that they would be speeding up the flight to make up the time.  I love this airline!  
My Aussie husband then recounted a situation he found himself in many years ago when trying to catch a Lufthansa flight out of Heathrow.  He arrived at the airport late and got to the check in desk as they were giving the final boarding call.  Desperate, he said he would run to the gate if they would hold the flight for a few minutes.   To which the desk agent said, “Sir, we couldn’t possibly make Lufthansa late.  I will put you on the next flight.”

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