Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Tin Foil Swan Name

I have the good fortune to hang out with people who share my rabid interest in food.  Some time ago while enjoying the last of the wine that went with an exceptionally jovial dinner, we decided that we needed to gather on a regular basis to eat and drink.  And so we needed a name.  A name that would convey our purpose, a name that would sound good as an acronym.  Strangely, what we wound up with was “Tin Foil Swans ” (TFS).  The regular attendees are yours truly, my Aussie husband, the couple who like renovating houses, the Lawyers, and the Communist Bastard and his lovely wife.  I’m pretty sure he isn’t a Communist, and he is certainly not a bastard, but as he insists upon being referred to as that, we’ll call him “CB”. 
We always have a theme for our dinners, and the more those themes push our modest abilities, the better they are.  I should clarify that most of us are of modest ability; CB is not.  He cranks out restaurant-quality food for his family on a weeknight.  I have made it my life’s work to try to top his presentations.  I have succeeded once, during our “everything has to start with the letter  ”L” dinner.  I made lobster 3 ways – Mornay, ceviche, and a mousse, topped with a truffle juice “caviar” and served in oyster shells.  It took everything I had and looked like this:

I have not been able to plate to that standard again, but I keep trying!

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