Saturday, May 25, 2013

Sorbet? You Bet!

So every time we have a TFS dinner, CB makes a sorbet.  But not just any run-of-the-mill fruit flavor, oh no.  For our latest tapas-themed dinner, he made an outstanding fresh strawberry and smoked paprika sorbet.  For our sweet/savory dish switch dinner, he made a beef consomm√© sorbet.  For our dinner based on puns, he made “beet it” sorbet.  He has made raspberry/hot pepper and shitake/oolong tea sorbets.  I’m pretty sure he could make a sorbet from any ingredients we could suggest.   I’m totally looking forward to our next gathering, which will feature grilled foods.  We decided that every dish has to have at least one component that will be grilled – including the sorbet.  CB has tentatively planned on making a grilled watermelon and aleppo pepper version.  It will be amazing.

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