Thursday, March 12, 2015

Spring Has Sprung!

Most of the eastern part of the United States has had a long, nasty, cold, snowy winter.  I feel very sorry for them.  Here in beautiful Seattle we are enjoying sunshine, 60 degrees, and full-on Spring  weather.  I feel quite smug!  Tulips and daffodils have been blooming almost a month early.  Cherry trees are putting on their full display of delicate blossoms.  The Robins are back and singing at sunrise.  I love it!  My Aussie husband hates it, because the flies are also back.
Apparently flies are a HUGE nuisance in Australia where some will actually bite you.  My Aussie husband goes insane when one gets into our house here, and will not rest until he has tracked it down and made sure that it is an EX fly.  I have tried to point out that here they are quite harmless, but he will not listen to me.  It doesn't matter, he says.  It is a fly and must be dispatched! 

I think I will buy a mega-sized fly swatter for him as an early birthday present...

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