Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Fresh From the Farm

Well I didn't have to wait very long into the new year to have my first amazing meal.  This past weekend we journeyed by ferry out to Vashon Island to have a "farm to table" meal in several courses, presented by the chef owner of Pink Tractor Farms and his lovely wife, whom we met several years ago on our culinary trip to Italy.  Most of the ingredients came from the farm, including the goose liver for the first course, the guanciali  perched atop the heirloom corn grits, and the chicken and lamb for the sausage in the cassoulet.  It was all very, very tasty; my two favorite courses were the Tunisian Brik with smoked trout and the coffee liquor panna cotta.
They are planning on presenting these dinners quarterly - I cannot wait to see what will be on the menu for the next one!

Goose Liver Flan

Tunisian Brik
Pumpkin soup with apple dumpling

Corn Grits with Guanciale


Panna Cotta

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