Saturday, April 26, 2014

It is all in the Presentation

They say people eat with their eyes first, so how you present a dish is every bit as important as what you put into it. We see it all the time in all the cooking shows we watch.  I'm not sure I completely buy into that, but I can attest to the fact that the appearance of a dish is directly related to my anticipation level for eating it. When we have our TFS dinners, everyone always looks forward to CB's dishes because they are always presented so beautifully.  Mine on the other hand, are merely functional.  I have been trying to step it up in recent months, studying plates at restaurants carefully to see how they are constructed.  I now have a collection of pictures of them, taken before anyone is allowed to touch their meals.   I even practice when it is just my Aussie husband that I am serving to. 
It is bordering on an obsession.
I have also decided that food can't possibly be presented correctly on our existing dinner plates - oh no.  We need special plates, plates of different shapes and sizes so that I have options when creating my masterpieces.  (well, masterpieces might be a strong term for them - now)  My Aussie husband thinks I need to calm down.  I think I need to buy more rectangular plates.  Doesn't the food look impressive served on them?

Side note- thank you for your patience while I learn how to navigate around our new Win8 laptop.  Apparently I can still learn new tricks, although it takes a lot longer...

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