Saturday, March 30, 2013

Is it Wrong to Cook Rabbit for Easter?

So we have a group of friends who are not, shall we say, very reverent towards traditions.  We get together for Easter Dinner, sit at the table, and dine on rabbit.  Stewed, braised, fricasseed, we feast on the bunny.   Being irreverent, naturally we are fans of Anthony  Bourdain and his seeming disregard for societal niceties.  And that is why this is one of our favorite recipes for rabbit:
We actually had the opportunity to meet him once, at a cookbook signing/ dinner based on his recipes held at a local restaurant.  I was so impressed to be in the same room as Bourdain that sadly the only dish I remember was the Roulade of Wild Pheasant main course.  All evening while we were dining, I watched him circulate through the room, chatting up each table.  He seemed pleasant.  He seemed polite.  I heard no crass language or swear words.  Was this an imposter?  So when  it came time to pick up our copy of the cookbook and we dutifully lined up to get ours signed by the author, I was expecting no more than a short and polite chat.  My Aussie husband had other ideas.  The first words out of his mouth were “Thank you for calling my country a ‘bullshit-free’ zone.”  Well let me tell you, THAT got a response!  Bourdain immediately commented on the terrific seafood and lamb available in Australia, and then he said something very offensive.  He referred to Vegemite as crap.  My Aussie husband immediately countered with “those are fighting words”, and then they were at each other, doing a chest bump.  Or trying to, as Anthony is a very tall man.  He then signed our cookbook, calling my husband a version of a “sorry-assed Aussie”.  My faith in him was restored; he was really like the person we knew from his TV programs and his books.  And yes, he did sign our book "To you sorry-ass Aussie - 2 Victor Bravos NOW!!"   
I will remember that fun evening this weekend as I cook his rabbit recipe.  (Btw, in his Les Halles cookbook, it is called Lapin Aux Olives) 

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