Friday, December 12, 2014

MEAT - it is what's for dinner!

Meat, with a side or two of meat.  That is what we had for dinner - and lunch - in Montevideo, Uruguay.  An obscene amount of meat. And did I mention that it was grilled?  At the Paradillas we saw, they had massive racks covered in different types of meat, all grilling over different levels of wood coals.  Long coils of sausages sizzling over low coals, gently cooking through... flank steaks searing over the hotter coals... steaks of all sizes... chorizo and morcilla and kidneys and sweetbreads were all wedged onto the grill.

And a token vegetable, something that could double as starch like squash or yam. Bigger than my hand, and heaped on top of all the meat.  My Aussie husband decided it was his duty to consume all that was put in front of him, but even he had to give up on this platter!

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