Sunday, June 1, 2014

Paris in Spring

I love my girlfriends!  How cool is it to decide that you want to celebrate a significant birthday in France, then make it happen.  AND have 8 friends join you!?!  I did feel just the tiniest bit guilty last week for jetting off to Paris without my Aussie husband - it is after all the city where he proposed to me.  However, this was most definitely a GIRLS trip and he would not have fit in.  Except maybe during tastings in the Champagne region... but I am getting ahead of myself.
About half of the ladies had never been to Paris, so we signed up for some touristy things so that they could get some sight seeing in.  One of those was a dinner cruise on the Seine.  We had some misgivings, but the cruise was lovely and the food surprisingly sophisticated.  Here is my foie gras first course-

The wine was also quite good, and as they left the buckets for the white wine right next to me and there were several bottles of red on the table, I had ample opportunity to taste them.  =)
It made for some very interesting photos of the Eiffel Tower at the end of the cruise!

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