Wednesday, September 18, 2013


This weekend our neighborhood is going to be chaotic, as it is Oktoberfest and there will be masses of drunk people quaffing beer out of small plastic mugs.  This is not in any way to be confused with (or compared to) the REAL Oktoberfest in Munich, where they drink beer out of really big glass mugs in tents set up for the occasion.  I have not been to Munich’s Oktoberfest, so I cannot attest to the state of drunkenness of the revelers there, but here it is used as an excuse to get really hammered.  I’m not sure why Americans have chosen to celebrate the 1810 wedding of Crown Prince Ludwig, but I bet a lot of it has to do with beer.  This celebration has popped up in some strange places – for instance, Hong Kong – where you wouldn’t think there is a big German influence.  We attended Oktoberfest there out of curiosity, and found that they had done their best to replicate a Beer Hall (according to my Aussie husband).  They had Polka bands and sausages with sauerkraut and several types of German beer. 

There were also men in lederhosen.  Chinese men.   It looked a little incongruous, if you ask me.  

We ate and drank and had a wonderful time, and I might have a beer in our Hong Kong Oktoberfest stein to remember the occasion this weekend.


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