Saturday, April 27, 2013

Shopping on Vacation

I find that when I travel, I want to buy stuff.  Not anything particularly useful; usually small decorative things.  Things I would never buy at home because I already have too much of that stuff.  But when I am someplace different, these things call out to me and I find myself at the end of the trip trying to find room for it in the luggage.  I try to rationalize my purchases with thoughts like “they only make this HERE - I can’t get this at home!” and totally ignoring the fact that you can get almost everything online these days.  Even when I am reasonably close to home, I still get sucked into that mode of thinking.   
The other weekend we drove about 90 miles north to Bellingham, Washington – just this side of the border with Canada.  We have friends that live there, and as we had never really explored the town we decided to make a weekend of it.  We found it to have a lively shopping/eating district along with a fairly sizeable business district, all very walkable and friendly.  And then we got to the Saturday Farmer’s Market.  There were many stalls of beautiful produce as one would expect, but also stalls where local artisans displayed their wares.  I was in trouble.  Not only were there all kinds of things to buy, there was also the realization that we had a car and I didn’t have to cram anything into my luggage for the trip home.  My Aussie husband sighed heavily. 
 And so we have something new…  isn’t it pretty?

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