Saturday, January 5, 2013

The BEST fireworks display? Madeira Island.

I have now seen what I believe to be the most impressive New Year fireworks display ever.  On the Portuguese island of Madeira, no less.  360 degrees of brilliant color and sound, for almost 10 minutes.    
The city of Funchal is set in a natural amphitheater facing the bay, and they take full advantage of the geography to present an awesome experience on New Year’s Eve.  They set off fireworks from the waterfront, from barges in the bay, and from points up in the hills – all choreographed in sequence.   I was in fireworks heaven!  I couldn’t believe I had never heard of this display, as it seems to be a really big deal for Europeans.  They pile on cruise ships by the thousands and sail down just for New Year’s Eve.  The harbor in Funchal is filled with massive ships who all toot their horns at the end of the show.  This year, they also played a “Ship’s Horn Concert” earlier in the evening, using the various tones of the cruise ship horns to play an actual melody.  I was entranced! 
My fireworks pictures are blurry and pathetic as we were on the waterfront in a mass of people, so I will just give you one.  If you want a really good idea of the spectacle, go watch this YouTube video.  (the fireworks start about 1:40 into the video) 

Better yet, plan to go and see them for yourself next year.   =)

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