Sunday, November 11, 2012

- Traveling near and far, one meal at a time

Some women marry for money.  I married for travel.  On our first date, my Aussie soon-to-be husband actually applauded me for having already booked my next trip (to New Zealand) before  I left for a week in London.    Most of my American acquaintances thought I was a little strange, maybe just short of crazy.  I thought I was making up for lost time.  That’s what happens when you get the travel bug a little later in life.

With travel came an interest in different cultures, which lead immediately to an interest in different foods.    It was fascinating to see what was available as it was so very, very different than the sturdy Midwest meals I had grown up on.  Eating + Travel?  I was hooked!

I am by no means an expert in either topic, but will share the fun of my discoveries – and mishaps – and hope that you enjoy my forays into foodie-influenced travel blogging.  Or should that be travel-influenced foodie blogging?  I will leave that to you to decide…  ttfn!

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